Friday, January 01, 2010

Condolences to 2009 !!

Condolences for passing of the 2009. Today is 1st January 2010. It is the addition of a number in the 10th place, not just in the unit's place.

The whole year has passed away.

Today I am drinking to remember 2009, to remember all the fun things that happened... and those that didn't happen.

Who knows and who cares of what 2010 would bring.. fact is that past is dead. That's the melancholy. That's the celebration to bring back the dead.

For a second chance.

So many resolutions gone to dust faster than the bones of the next door skeleton in the grave.

So many promises unfulfilled haunting me like the scary ghosts of the stories when we were kids.

So many job lists and plans gone awry for the lack of sincere follow up and action... I must have made more job lists than the jobs in those lists in various formats stored in various places like the mobiles and laptops that I have used in the span of the year 2009.

May be its alcohol induced but I feel like crooning...Why did you go away leaving me in such a dilemma with no strength to deal in the future? Why did you leave me with so many plans unfinished? Why did you leave me with so many plans yet to be executed?

Happy New Year is such a premonition! It will put Bejan Daruwala to shame!

Its just the beginning, the first day.

Though I wish you all a very happy new year being a nice man that I am, yet its ultimately that what you make of it.

I wont let it go away like I did let go of 2009.

And I feel happy.

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