Sunday, January 18, 2009

For a better looking tomorrow -

Its been quite a time that I have used this blogger editor to write something. Life's getting busier in the pursuit of making a career and earning money for a healthy spend intensive living. Blogging and other hobbies take a back-seat... expressing whatever_me becomes a thing to myself... just can think, no time to write.

Today I had to take some time out as I had to express that I have now become a director. My wife, Dr. Gunjan Shah and I have registered a company to our name - DBGS Skin Care Private Limited. The company plans to open a chain of affordable best in class skin clinics in the country. And can you believe, we have launched our first clinic - SkinWorld in Tilak Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai.

Interesting roller coaster experience with many good experience and a few bad ones. We had to sack the Interior Decorator. Interestingly I found my wife to have a better interior design sense. The clinic has come out really well. Somebody, I will write about how to go about selecting an interior designer. The branding consultant we chose to work with was also a bad decision. However, I must say he has done a great logo, its just that our expectations were much more.

Bad experiences are a must to realise the good ones. We have had many. The contractor who did our clinic was a gem of a contractor. We have had great support from Primeleaf consulting directors - Rahul Kubadia and Andrei D'Souza in making our website and other online initiatives.

To introduce SkinWorld - The Clinic, we consider ourselves as aesthetic skin care experts. We are passionate about skin and skin health. Our aim is to make reliable skincare a habit. We provide medically proven skin care prescribed by specially trained doctors at very reasonable prices. All our skin care prescriptions are customised to one's unique skin type with clear emphasis on post treatment counselling for better results.

Our services include treatments for pimples, acne scars, spots (pigmentation), blackheads removal, skin tags removal, mole extraction, keloid excision, cracked heels treatment, stretched marks treatment, wrinkles and many others. We have all the modern methods of skin treatment - Microdermabrasion, 6 different types of chemical peels, Iontophoresis, Radiofrequency, Dermaroller, computerised skinscope

Please visit our website - and give us your feedback. We are giving our heart and soul to bring genuineness and sincerity to skin care.