Monday, October 27, 2008

HotSpot - Another Mobile Store

Do we really need another mobile store... beats me.

I am quite amazed with this one ad that I saw on TV. A Marathon race, the clever guy instead of running faster to get the gold medal goes into a "HotSpot" store, buys a mobile and get a gold coin.

HotSpot - another mobile store and look what its offering to create the initiate hype. Gold or a Silver coin.

Whats amazing is the number of investors interested and committed to put in money in retail stores selling mobile and mobile accessories. 

The mobile store has not even stabilised. Its claim about being a one stop shop for mobile phones and accessories is far from near sight. You hardly have any option in 'The Mobile Store'.

Subhiksha Mobile is another one trying to do business... how successfully only time can tell. But it does not look healthy from an outsider perspective.

Now this is another one - HotSpot promoted by the Spice Group of Companies. From what I have heard, it existed from 2005. It started with 15 people and currently claims to employ 1200 people. The plan and ambition is to open 5000 outlets by financial year 2009-2010. 

Makes me wonder. Investments too follow herd mentality. 

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