Thursday, December 17, 2009

We live by Instinct & Intuition - 2

I see so many of my occupation-ally successful girl friends unmarried by the conventional age. Please don't ask me the conventional age but I guess you know what I mean.

I can also see that its a lonely life given our culture of 'no mingling' with strangers, even if strangers are us. We simply don't talk to each other even if we are in an exclusive pub, where singles seek out.

Earlier I had written one small piece on that frustration, today I am thinking of instinct and intuition, if and when she actually meet up good looking strangers.

With age beyond her conventional age of marriage, she become a cynic, mature, logical and risk averse. She questions everything; taking the best decision becomes a necessity for her.

Now that she is stable with her job. Now that she is a bit lonely with only independence by her side (she may refuse to admit this though). She knows that marriage now has to be the option.

But the issue is that all the good men are married.

Her married friends hell-bent in finding her hooked up, will occasionally come up with potential partners. She would meet them but her mature brain will act up from the time she set sight on her prospective boyfriend. She will dissect that somebody until she finds a thousand reasons of no-compatibility. Even his pronunciation or lack of knowledge about a rock band may become a sore point. Also, guys that she meets would be most likely older than her. So they will, very likely, have their own age-related idiosyncrasies, which would not be acceptable.

I may be over-reacting and getting theatrical but the mature brain does get a little mopped up with baggages of logic, rigidity and rationality. She fails to hear her instinct and intuition. She is a bit too far gone from the spiritual world of inner voice.

This is when we need to introspect and drive away logic and listen to inner voice. Any relationship is full of compromises and so we cannot afford to think of the compromises to be made before what instinct is actually saying. It is the true voice. It would never leave you or mis-guide you.

You may not get your instinct kicking-in right in the first meeting. Of course, first meeting cant be called dating. Thats for frustrated people. So the idea is to meet second time and many more times after that. Work hard to get your instinct kicking in. Any logical conclusions should be snuffed out at this moment - in the beginning.

Finally you will get to listen to your instinct and intuition. If instinct says yes, you may think of applying some logic.

It is not true that all the good men are married. It is not true that all the married men are good. In fact, the truth is that there is nobody who is good from every aspect of human behaviour.

Point is 'you have to think instinct, not too much'.


  1. Wow, so true and so mature lol. I read it at a right time I guess where I was striving between logic and inner instinct, yet a bit muddled up but I see that lil ray of light which puts me on the wings of flight I was loosing along the way. Brilliant durlov. Mamta

  2. ekdum sahi bola thune...sirf insight of maturity hai yahan pe....but for 30-somethings who have already made the instinct wala choice, logic gaya chara lene for ever...what do you think???!!!!

  3. Thanks for your comments. Sahi bola Ramiya. Have you read my new blogs.. pls comment. Thanks.

  4. :) good post!

    sure enough I apply my instincts all the time and logic never has a place in my life - at least most of the time!

    thanks for leading me in here!
    the inner voice is my power of being :D

  5. Thanks AD. Currently searching for my inner voice.. Its gone too inner!!


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