Tuesday, December 08, 2009

PAA - More Mature than Progeria !!

PAA is a good film. It is much more than Progeria - the disease.

The film takes a very positive stand on youth and politics. It is just too emotional that Balki has decided to take this stand on politics - the heart of a country. You feel proud to watch the film. It clearly conveys that
  • Politics is not a bad profession by itself. It is the people in politics that make it dirty.
  • Young politicians can make a difference if they are willing and passionate enough. The mass may be indifferent to politics but they are not blind or stupid. They know how to appreciate truth, genuine-ness and good work.
  • Bad politics or rumours need not be tackled negatively. The society understands life and that politicians are also human. So coming out with truth and sincerity is better appreciated

It also turns a very relevant chapter on family support and about today's independent women. It showcases a modern Indian woman, a doctor who takes on life and pregnancy with strength, guts and self belief. It beautifully conveys the importance of the mother whose support was very critical to the daughter's decision.

Apart from the message, one of the first things that excited me is the overall creativity in the film. The witty dialogues, the shots, the use of shadows, placement of lights while shooting and the color & tone of the film. It was a beautiful play of light and darkness.

I specially liked the scene where Abhisekh's MP office, which is well lit, is shot from outside the office cabin through the door. So in the big wide screen you have this door where the light is there. Rest of the screen is dark. It is beautiful.

The second shot that comes to my mind is the scene when Paresh Rawal comes to the hospital and have an argument with Abhisekh. In this scene, Abhisekh is hidden by a pillar and only Paresh Rawal is visible while shouting at Abhisekh. I dont remember any other film using this technique to shoot an active argument between two individuals. Very creative, I would say.

To give credits, I couldnt find the DOP - Director of photography of the film but the cinematographer is PC Sreeram, who also crafted the look of Cheeni Kum. Guys, you have done a great job.


  1. I will ditto on the witty dialogues and the potrayal of the modern woman taking her own stand..Who needs men for support :-) ..
    But like you said, this movie is not just one subject but has some element or the other which audience will deinitely relate to

  2. Ya... surprisingly, the movie was more sensational than the posters of kid AB used for the promotion of the movie.

  3. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I plan to watch the movie now Durlov :)

    I agree with you mothers can make a lot of difference by supporting their daughters and by teaching their sons that women are equal not because they are equally stronger or can earn as much, but simply because every adult has equal right to happiness, dreams, self reliance and personal choices.

    I haven't yet seen the movie, but in real life I also see a lot of husbands and dads who are amazingly supportive - (Partly because often mothers are raised to believe their happiness lies in being submissive and obedient).

  4. nice article...will see the movie.


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