Saturday, September 15, 2007

Remember the first Pulsar 150 !!

I recently saw a Bajaj Pulsar that seemed for a second something not pulsar. Is that really a Pulsar, I thought?

It was a Pulsar. The Pulsar without the wiser and the meters jutting out. The first model which revolutionised the bike market and relaunched Bajaj as a new modern age bike maker.

Immediately the second thought was "when was the Pulsar launched in the market? I dont see these anymore already. Was it 2002? "

I kept my observation for the next week or so. And it is really a fact that in Mumbai roads, one does not get to see too many Pulsars without the wiser. It simply vanished.

It took only 5 years for one model to completely vanish from the roads. I see more Yamaha RX bikes than the revolutionary Pulsar without the wiser!!

What happened to all those bikers who bought Pulsar in plenty in 2002 and 2003? I am not sure when the wiser came into the Pulsar but it was surely not till 2003...

Did they graduate into four wheelers? Is Pulsar the stairway to a Maruti? Even if we agree to that, those pulsars must have been sold to second hand buyers. They cannot simply dissappear.

Is it that Pulsars are not durable? Do they become junk in five years???

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