Saturday, December 02, 2006

Riots - Need to get to the real cause

Just a thought that I had when I saw the pictures of burning trains which followed the desecration of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's statue in Kanpur. I do not want to argue whether these riots are justified or if they are necessary evils of democracy.

The point that came to my mind is that RIOTS COST MONEY.

All the news clips and articles that I read said something to the effect "DALITs in several parts of Maharashtra went on a rampage on Thursday, setting three trains on fire, damaging over 100 buses and clashing with police in violent protests........"

Now the point is "Have we ever given a thought as to how many litres of petrol and kerosene it would require to burn a train... sorry three trains and over 100 buses....". Several hundreds of litres at least... costing thousands and perhaps lakhs of rupees.

Where does the money come from... Dalits are the so called poorer section of society and even if they are rich... would someone spend their own money to buy petrol to burn trains?...... I can fathom such jingoism... and refuse to believe that riots are well planned that rioters pool in money a day before and then attack the roads... !!!

I have spoken to many people. Some completely condemn riots, some are disillusioned, some support it but I have not found a single common person saying that I want to burn a train to prove my support.

Durlovspeath: Someone else plans and budgets the riots and the common people just implements the riots. And it is a organised crime of sorts.

I urge the media to dig deep into this and instead of just blaberring about how many people died and how many buses got burnt, the media should find out the real culprits of riots, the real financer of riots, the mastermind of riots...

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