Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Parthiv Patel deserves a place in the Indian Team

Parthiv Patel scores a century against Bengal at Eden Gardens Dec'2006

I might be biased. But I admire this guy. Look at his temperament and maturity at such a young age. He is the captain of the Ranji Trophy team of Gujarat.
I like his batting style. He opens in style. Look at his exploits in Australia and Pakistan. I think he has a very dependable technique. He is also hard hitting. He pulls, drives and cuts with so much passion.
If I go by the challenger series and the ranjis, his keeping has also improved. He is more of a gymnast the way he go for the ball.
And you know his appeals behind the stumps. He was fined once.
So why he should not be in the Indian squad. Pat Symcox said Indians lack a left hander. He is the one. I would invite your contention and why he should not be in the team?
Few pics of the future little master..............

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