Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar Should Quit Or At Least Have a Chat with his Wife !!

I fear that Sachin Tendulkar might also get an unceremoniously exit from cricket. The fate that azhar had to face, the fate that Dada had to face.

I have always felt that performers should bid adeau when the going is good. And as for Sachin, he should quit immediately when the going is still not that bad.

He should realise and admit that age and injuries are catching up to him. It needs great maturity and wisdom to understand his mental and physical capabilities. Just because Lara can make a century at the age of 37 does not mean that Tendulkar also can.

It is not how much run is one making; more importantly it is how is one is getting out. A good batsman might get out cheaply continuously for a couple of innings. If he is getting out for good deliveries, yorkers and googlies, it is completely acceptable. But if he is throwing his wicket for average bowling and bad bowling continuously for a series of innings, then there is a big problem. If we take the last year into perspective and analyse how Sachin has thrown away his wicket most of the time, you feel like agreeing to what Sanjay Manjrekar has wrote about him. It makes me pretty adamanant in saying that Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar should quit.

Lets take the last one dayer with South Africa and understand how Sachin threw his wicket. He was going for the ball and then at the last moment tried to leave the ball; touching the ball in the process and giving a easy catch. The ball was not a greatly swinging ball. It was an average delivery.

This throws up many questions. Why was he trying to leave the harmless ball? We dont remember Tendulkar leaving harmless deliveries. Is he not confident of hitting them? Is he trying to be safe because he knows that he has been getting out cheaply lately. Is he scared of bouncy pitches? Has he lost his sense of timing because of persistent injuries?

Whatever the reason is things are not looking very positive for our little master. Sometimes I feel he needs councelling. Perhaps, Gavaskar should spent some time with him. Perhaps he should speak to his wife. She is the one who knows him the closest. It is not essential to understand cricket to the core for the wife to know the husband about his cricket and his cricketing attitude (left in him).

It is high time that Tenduldar decides the future course of his career. I have great regards for him and I pray that he is able to quit the game with respect.

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