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Travelogue: Ride to the Mayudia Pass.

Mayudia Pass, Arunachal Pradesh is one of the snow-covered passes in India that connects India and China. It is a treat for the adventure lover, with roads passing through highways, riverbeds, pebbled roads and small idyllic villages. Mayudia / Mayodia got its name from a Nepali girl, Maya, who vanished in the snow and could not be traced.

Mayudia Pass is accessible via Assam. If you are travelling by train, the end train station is Tinsukia. If you are flying, then book your tickets till Dibrugarh. You can come to Tinsukia, stay the night and then rent a car for the journey ahead. I won't elaborate on travel agents and such facilities, as this blog is primarily for riders (motorbikes and cars) who are looking for directions, lodging and other such travel information for their trip to Mayudia.

The last major town before Mayudia (Mayodia) is Roing. There are two routes to reach Roing in Arunachal Pradesh from Tinsukia which bifurcates at Rupai Siding which is around 35 kms of straight highway via Doomdooma. Rupai Siding is around 2 kms before the Rupai town.

Sadiya Route (NH-37):
Rupai Siding -- Sadiya -- Dholla Ghat -- Sadiya -- Shantipur -- Roing -- Mayudia

Tengapani Route (NH-52):
Rupai Siding -- Kakopothar -- Dirak Gate -- Mahadevpur -- Tengapani (Golden Pagoda) -- Alubari Ghat -- 27th Mile (NH-52) -- Straight 4 lane road through river beds up to a T-junction where you have to turn right to Roing -- Mayudia.

I would recommend the Tengapani route because of the river beds and the Golden Pagoda in Tengapani. The route is more scenic as well. One can stay for a night or two at the Golden Pagoda Resort which surely would be a beautiful experience. There are ample number of rooms and one can get accommodation quite easily.

Golden Pagoda Eco-Resort
Noi-Chenam, Tengapani, PO: Namsai, Dist: Namsai AP
9863399623, 9863316708

It is around 75 kilometres to Roing from the Golden Pagoda at Tengapani. The ride to Roing is fun and adventurous with a ferry ride at Alubari Ghat, multiple river beds with bridges being built on the highway and a sleek wide empty highway to speed up a little.

Mayudia is 50 kilometres from Roing and it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes for a first time driver. The common practice is to book a hotel room in Roing and leave for Mayudia in the early morning to be back by the same day. Most tourist guides would advise a one night stay in Roing. There are three hotels in Roing and the one that offers the cleanest stay is D.S. Hotel and Resort. You may call 08416088898 (M) or 03803-222678 (L) and book your room well in advance. It is a wit bit difficult to get rooms during the winters.

Mayudia is located in the Dibang Valley and is quite interior. The closest village is Tewari Gaon. It doesn't have any shops to buy any items of convenience. Fortunately, it has two lodging facilities without much amenities. One is the Mayudia Guest cum Coffee House, which was originally a restaurant but has been converted to have seven small rooms. Above the coffee house, there is a IB of the Forest Department.

We had met a young guy named Pasong (08670843198) who manages the coffee house and can help you find accommodation. The IB is haunted according to folklore, but we stayed in that IB without any issue. Yes it was a bit scary. It is managed by a Nepali old man by the name, Daju. He didn't carry a phone.

Mayudia, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam
Mayudia Pass, Arunachal Pradesh
You find snow in the Pass, which is 3 kms from the Mayudia Coffee House. The road to Mayudia is less traveled, narrow and dangerous with twists and turns. There is a village by the name of Tewari Gaon which is 22 kms ahead of Mayudia. One has to be quite careful crossing the snow laden highway. The road is covered with ice sheets and it is very slippery. There is no way brakes would work. Cars have to maintain a momentum at first gear to cross the ice laden roads. Bikers must be prepared to fall a few times crossing the pass. That is inevitable.

When you are travelling on your own, it may so happen that you have to stay the night in Mayudia because of bad roads or any other bad luck. So it is advisable that you carry enough food for a night or two. The coffee house and the IB offers basic food like Maggi. You may carry fresh chicken or meat. You can request for firewoods to cook your own meal.

The last fuel station is in Roing, but it is better to tank up in Namsai which is a few kilometres behind Tengapani Golden Pagoda. While going to Tengapani from Mahadevpur, there is a T junction which, on its left takes you to the Namsai Village. In the entrance of that road, there is this fuel station where there is a guarantee of getting fuel. Fuel is cheaper in Arunachal Pradesh as compared to Assam.

The last ATM is in Roing, but it is likely that they will be out of cash. So it is advisable to carry enough cash before entering Arunachal Pradesh. I travelled in December 2015 and surely things will improve with time.

The best time to come to Mayudia is from latter part of December to the end of March. It witnesses heavy snowfall in January and February, and it sometimes continues till April.

Happy Journey!

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Golden Pagoda, Tengapani, Arunachal Pradesh, India
Golden Pagoda Resort at night.
Mayudia, Arunachal Pradesh
Golden Pagoda at Tengapani, Arunachal Pradesh.
Mayudia, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam
On the way to Mayudia after Tewari Goan
Mayudia, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam
Riding along the river beds of Luit..
Mayudia, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam
The icy road at Mayudia Pass, Dibang Valley
Mayudia, Shela Pass, Arunachal Pradesh
The icy road at Mayudia Pass, Roing, Arunachal Pradesh
Mayudia, Arunachal Pradesh, India
Mayodia Guest cum Coffee House and the IB above
Alubari Ghat, Arunachal Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh, India
On the way to Alubari Ghat, Arunachal Pradesh


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