Monday, August 04, 2014

Too many sexual incidents in India... A quick analysis.

Too many sex related crimes.. even a judge heading Visakha Committee could not save herself.

It cannot be that men's libido or virility has suddenly increased because of an alien attack or a deadly virus that has come through the broken ozone layer. It has to be something else that is affecting our conscience, our perceptions, our fantasy and our psyche, that education seems to be having no effect.

My hypothesis is that accessibility and availability of new media - TV, Mobile and Internet is creating an unreal world of fantasy. A fantasy that seems achievable. A fantasy that is guiding our lifestyle, our behaviour, our aspirations, our dressing styles, our ego and our wants. A fantasy that is reducing our conscientious inhibitions in the same time.

Sex is a hunger or a need of a different kind especially in the context of India having lived in a society of repressed sexuality for ages (Khajuraho was perhaps a different age). Content and information in the Internet, mobile and TV is feeding this hunger with continuous fantasy inducing style, visuals, dialogues, and behaviour. It is making sex seem easy for the whole world, but NOT for ME (the viewer). All those ME are slowly acting up like the burning match stick in front of a long line of Diwali crackers.

This ME is not gender specific. It is applicable to both males and females. Males are influenced in certain ways. Females are influenced in other certain ways.

Although I am not in favour of banning content, yet there is a need to understand the consequences of content and be responsible for the same. Or, we have to be prepared to live through a period of transition until things settle down into this new dimension where fantasy of today becomes comfortable reality of the present, w
here sex is not controlled and contained like the content of Internet, Mobile and television.

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