Sunday, February 16, 2014

Resignation of Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP Government

First Post writes "Mr Kejriwal, next time make some friends, not just enemies"  Various other publication has written various other things. All these just make me think that whatever AAP and AK has been doing is beyond conventional logic of analysis and paralysis by intelligentsia and journalists. 

India has not seen this kind of politics and political will ever. Like no intelligentsia could predict the 28 assembly seats in Delhi, even this great gutsy act of AK and AAP is beyond any prediction or analysis. The common logic of friends, enemies and lobbying just does not apply when it comes to AAP and AK.

It is remarkable that AAP and AK has maintained their consistent intent and approach even after becoming a Government of power. The clarity of intent against corruption and the mindset regarding honesty is very apparent in whatever the party has done till date.

We all know that today the whole system and its people holding positions are either corrupt, or has accepted that corruption is the necessary evil, or has got defeated to corruption and its vicious grip. It would have been a completely normal and accepted behaviour if AAP had tried to make friends with some to win against some others, like this article tries hard to explain. Anybody in the political system today would have done so. 
AAP has defied that common logic and had refused to make friends with anybody with any record or intent of corruption, right from media, business houses to political parties. It is against choosing the lesser corrupt against the more corrupt.

Hail that thought and intent. My salute.

Like it won thousands of friends who voted them to power, it will continue to win friends in the existing system overtly and covertly, gradually. There are people frustrated with the level of corruption. There are people who have suffered and continues to suffer because of corruption. Nobody today can claim that they have not given bribe in their entire life. The system has compelled us to become corrupt, or suffer.

AAP just needs to keep the intent and will alive, friends will automatically come.  What AAP is doing is so unconventional that there are bound to be 'user resistance' after the initial momentum of support tapers down.
Secondly, BJP and Modi is riding the wave created by lack of options, and the public hatred for fragmented polity and Congress party. AAP is the new option and there are a lot of Indians waiting to see how AAP maintains itself for another few months. Like I became a recent convert from BJP, there will be many BJP supporters that will come and become friends with AAP in the coming months.
I just wish AAP and AK continue its hardline stance against corruption. I also wish that the other members of AAP gets the strength from AK to continue their hard struggle. This revolution will one day sweep every Indian household across the length and breath of the country.

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