Friday, July 26, 2013


No community is lazy when it comes to feeding its hungry stomach. We get lazy when we don't have to worry about food and shelter. We often see that sons of rich parents are lazier in terms of the work that is expected out of them in the same age bracket.

Assam had been a rich prosperous country with its citizens having enough in terms of food and shelter. For instance, if we look at sanitation, I have never seen an Assamese home without a proper toilet. Even today, you can easily survive a month in an Assamese village with Rs. 5000.

Secondly, Assamese people are content and happy with the basic needs of one's life. It is perhaps true for every place where consumerism is yet to come. Even today, apart from Guwahati, rest of Assam is a congregation of villages where consumerism is creeping in only now with TV and Internet becoming popular.

So in the Indian context, or in the context of the 'metro' lifestyle, Assamese people appear to be lazy. I actually put it in a different way. I would say that they live a happy relaxed comfortable chilled out life.

Townies like us think that things have to move fast. But is that a right expectation? Do we need life to be in the fast lane, really?

Having said that 'being comfortable' is a big inertia. If there is a need to break from the comfort zone, it always takes time to break the inertia. Human minds being like it is, it will try to take the short cut to solve the problem at hand, instead of breaking the inertia and taking the rightful path of hardwork.

So that is the negative of being comfortable. In Canada, I remember ICICI Bank sacking its Operations Head, who was a comfortable relaxed Canadian used to an easy life. Look at the GDP growth rates of all the developed economies, they are sub 2%. The reason is comfortable life. (I agree that the denominator is high, but still sub 2% is low). There will soon come a time when the developing world will catch up with them and they will not be able to break their inertia then...

Assamese people migrated for work outside of the state are doing very well in every field, and that clearly proves that 'Assamese people are lazy' is a misconception.

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