Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy Womens' Day to our Better Halfs

Being a woman perhaps is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men. On this womens' day, let me appreciate all the women who have opted for being our better halfs.

'Better Half' as a term has always made me curious as a child. It was a beautiful word which meant self-less support, love and a well orchestrated team spirit to lead life. It was about taking the role of doing what one is good at.

My mother was a good cook and had a good sense of embroidery. So she took up kitchen management out of my father's life. With the kitchen, she took up the responsibility of the cleanliness of the house. As for her interests, my father had bought her a knitting machine and an embroidery machine. She is today known for her great embroidery and knitting skills.

My father, apart from being the provider and the primary earner, was a good teacher. He took the role of being the teacher of the house teaching us everything from school book education to good habits and civic sense.

It was a perfect balance of responsibility and authority over the family. There was a balance of the do's and dont's for each role in the family.

They were perfect Better Halfs, as they were performing the roles which they were better at.

Today, I see a dilution of this concept of 'Better-Half'. We are no longer as good as in the past, in dividing our responsibilities and authority in the family. We are confused about the roles that we are better at. Is the man better than the woman in providing for the house? Is the woman better in being a home-maker to instil values into the children? We are unsure of the do's and dont's in the family structure.

Modern thinking, education and consumerism is affecting our mindsets. For instance, we are unsure of the utility of education in being a home maker.

Gender equality is being confused with Role equality. Gender equality is not about the women getting to work and earn as the men do. Gender equality is not about women doing what the men traditionally used to do. Gender equality is not about women getting the acceptance to smoke and drink like the men.

Sometimes I get a feeling that women liberation is all about conforming to standards set by men for themselves. It is about women doing and excelling in what the men traditionally used to do.

Gender equality is not about conversions of role. Gender equality is about respecting gender equally without bias.

It is unfortunate that our society is going through this confused phase in the name of coping western lifestyles and attaining freedom of thought and action. It is slowly changing the meaning of the word 'Better Half' to simply mean 'Other Half'.

'Other Half' surely doesnt have the same charm to hold a family together. I want a Better Half in my life to help me lead a happy fulfilled life.

I want to sincerely show my respect and love to all the women who believes in being the better half and accept the role that they are better at.

A Happy Womens' Day to all of you!


  1. DulDa just want to say after reading your blog that Nobody knows the reason why WE(Husband & Wife) met in the journey of life.We are not related by blood.But I know God put us together to feel the bonding.A women can be one's better half if she walks by his side to be equal,under the arms to be protected and next to the heart to be loved.
    Gender equality should not be confused by the role equality.The role played by a women as a sister,daughter,wife ,mother,---in law is significant in its own way.Cheers to those women whose way of understanding their roles is not affected by freedom of thoughts and action in today's modern society.

  2. Hi Kashmiri,

    How are you doing? Very happy to read your views. Indeed, it would be a wonderful feeling to be a sister, wife and a mother... so much that I pray to be woman in my next birth.

    Sadly, today women are confused about their roles in society. There is a fear to be married, to have a baby, to lose their careers etc. There is a lot to blame with the upbringing culture and education system.

  3. Dulda, I m doing fine...I totally agree with u..It totally depends on one's upbringing.The ethics and the culture one has learnt at home...Now I am married my mom always taught me one lesson in life...After marriage luv ur in-lwas more then you loved us...coz the rest of the life you need to live with them...not with us.
    Being a modern girl I would love to say one thing never ever fear to get married...yes it entrust you a lot of responsibilities...but someone is their who will love to see you doing your responsibilities..

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