Monday, July 05, 2010

Political thought: Changing the way politics is done and perceived.

Politics today suffers from chronic In-breeding. The cause of all the political myopia, the lack of depth in political innovation and the deepening of the structural flaws in the system.

While China is winning diplomatic battles across South Asia in Sri Lanka, Australia, Burma etc, we are still struggling with an in-efficient, toothless, direction-less democracy.

Today, we are facing a dire need for a paradigm shift in political thinking and in the perceptions of politics in the minds of the common electing population. We need to think of ways to facilitate better implementation of developmental politics.

In my previous blog on 'Political In-breeding', I had mentioned about a model to reform political thinking to create developmental strategies rather than strategies just to win elections. This blog post is an effort in that direction.

Like any school or any education institute, which is known by the quality of its students, a country is also known by the quality of the people governing it. The education institutes get the quality by the strict entrance examinations or merit requirements.

For a country, it is not as simple.

For a second, even if we assume to having the best brains to run the country, would they be able to run the country to development? I wont think so.

How would they know how to run a country? How would they know the theories of management, the theories of International Relations, the theories of Financial Prudence, the theories of Industrial and Manufacturing economy and similar millions of other theories essential to govern a country to development?

Today, we neither have a proven model to filter-in quality talent to run the country, nor do we have a model to educate the filtered talent to run the country well. Some may argue that we have the Indian Administrative Services. My response is that I am clearly focusing on democracy and on the elected members of the society, who gets the power from the support of the masses to run India.

So this narrows down to two points of inflexions which can change the way politicians do politics to run the country:
  1. Making of a new Politician
  2. Educating the new Politician
Both these point require out of the box analysis with details to arrive at a model that can be implemented. I would write on each of these points in detail in two separate blog posts (just to keep each post easy and short to read)

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  1. It is strange that a politics is always much more than what we perceive it to be. Your points are genuinely necessary, yet not sufficient to make a politician. If a person has all requisite knowledge and skill, as you mentioned, but does not have the political "will", all aspects die down. One need not have theoretical degrees on the subjects, but a practical eye on the subject at hand. Development cannot only be economic. Man is a social and a political animal too. And all his thirsts collectively are never satiable.


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