Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another Reservation Politics Stinks !!

So many posts on women reservation on 8th of March that I feel a bit pukish and dizzy. Another reservation. Another license raj. Another era of political discrimination by gender after caste, creed, religion and whatever else.
As usual I read IHM too. She questions in the context of women reservation bill, "Do we need to create an environment where equal opportunities are made available?" And she answers, 'I think we do."

I am completely for Women Independence. But with this bill, we are taking it too far.

Quoting another fellow blogger, Ipsita Shome, "....next we will see cat-fights of the merit-less fairer sex." L.F.A.O. Mindblasting, I say.

Add the dogs to the cats and see the fun! In fact, I heard cat fights are worse if one listens to the stories about the ladies' coaches in our revered Mumbai local trains.

People, the requirement is to create a system to bring in intelligent, efficient people to govern the country. There is no time to play on another political factor. We need governments to take India into becoming a developed nation.

Today we have much bigger concerns. The biggest concern is 'Inbreeding in Politics' leading to stagnation of political ideas. You may like to read how inbreeding is killing politics and political thought. Another big concern is our feverish voter turn-out. Mumbai had a voter turn-out of 44.21 percent. Yes, 44.21.

We have no time for another reservation and any senseless thing like that. Let good sense prevail. Let the satan of reservation die in the Mithi river stink. Ha!

For God's sake, we dont need another term to the likes of Nepotism - sounding a slightly different - femotism or some crap-tism like that.

Pritish Nandy had something very interesting and 'sweet' to say in his twitter account today -

@PritishNandy Now that Women's Day is almost over, let's cut the hype & get back to the simple task of loving them for what they are.

Let nature prevail.


  1. One of the best blogs I have read for months....
    Reservation promotes mediocrity and today India is a nation of mediocre people.
    We are not made for self governance, the Brits ruled us and soon the Chinks will rule us....

  2. Thanks for the superlatives. Much appreciated.

    I think, its still not so hopeless. but ya it sucks big time. we have to quickly, genuinely act with a vision and take some hard decisions.

    Enough of arm-chair politics and moderate thinking.

    The economy has boomed (quite boomed), now it is the turn of politics. The political governance has to emerge out of nadirs like wasting time on another reservation.

  3. Hi dude,
    life is certainly better for the Yadav trio since they got the bill stalled....
    watch this space for more fireworks

  4. Hi durlov..I have written a post on today's Delhi HC decision ordering the Armed Forces to give permanent commission to women. would you care to go through it?

  5. Pretty well articulated, though I hold a more left-of-center view on this subject.
    Your argument is that of an economist- best resources (intelligent, capable people) would create most value for the society as a whole. Valid argument and I hope someday we would be able to zero in on a system that allows that.
    Apart from getting intelligent, capable people, a democratic system also needs to ensure a heterogeneous group representing diverse opinions and voices. This is all that the reservation intends to do. Let’s not pretend that it would increase or decrease the competence of the house.
    Reservation at best is a lazy shortcut- great in intent but questionable in efficacy. My view is that reservation fails to achieve its goals because it lacks basic checks and balances. Two obvious ones are
    - any reservation policy should come with a clear expiry clause. If it successfully achieves its goals then we don’t need it any more but if it doesn’t then we don’t need it anymore. If we do need to extend it, it should be put to vote again with a “no-resuscitation” clause.
    - those who (or their immediate family member) are or have been already been on an elected post should not be allowed to seek the benefit again
    Now the question is, how do we get intelligent, capable people to the parliament. So Dude, my question to you is- what would it take to get you to run an election?

  6. I agree Sumit. so-taka.

    Me politics. Thinking of whether to learn Marathi or to go back to Assam.

    Tough call.

    But I would be in the arena.

  7. I just think that those basic checks are impossible in a democracy. Especially in a democracy where the voter percentage is just 50%. Getting more voters is a challenge. But we need to get it. We have to vote. We have to vote out inefficiency.


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