Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Guru's work of Art - Not Guru like.

YUVA was so much better. Dont ask me about box office. But all my friends with an aptitude for good movies loved the movie. Yuva was a big big hit at the box office of my friends. Guru failed.

Mr. Maniratnam is one of my favourite directors and I cant and wouldnt hear a bad word about him. So, I cant criticise Guru but I can say that I didnt like the movie.

I didnt like the movie as it didnt leave a taste or a feeling in my mind and heart. It was cold. Scenes after scenes, some very captivating (thanks to Abhisekh's acting talent), were rolled out, but with no effect. I can only think of some good scenes and shots when I think back about the movie; and not the movie in totality. I couldnt relate to the movie and grow with the movie as a thinker about movies.

I would like to just express two things that I have learnt from his movie.

  • One should never make a movie based on a well known personality narrating about his/her deeds that are known to the common man. If you make, those deeds should be awe-inspiring and secondly name the movie as such.

  • One should never try to cover the whole life of the well known personality. Capture a phase of his life and go in depth. Go into the finer details. Or make a serial of 100 episodes.
Let bygone be bygone...... cant wait for the next Maniratnam project.

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