Sunday, February 25, 2007

Honeymoon travels - How to not make a movie?

By the time, I write this. You must have seen this movie.

Every ardent movie follower has some good-will and respect for Farhan Akhtar and his association with this movie must have taken you to the movie. I also went with that excuse.

Damn, Why did I ?

Reema Kagti does not know how to make a good movie. She however knows how to make a movie under the shadow of a great banner like Farhan Akhtar.

Some things that irritated me ...
  • How does one take care of 6-7 couples in one movie of little over 2 hours? Perhaps a Maniratnam can
  • How does one have comic and real characters in the same film? Reema has tried to have one couple with serious shades of real life character and the other couple who are super-humans like Superman. Ya, superman and super-woman who can fly!!!!
  • A collage only looks good in a painting and is irritating when the medium is audio-visual

Some one told me, she is from Assam.. I am embarassed.

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