Monday, November 13, 2006

Can we Indians take risk?

Honestly, I need to find the answer myself. On the look of it , the hypothesis is that we do not want to take risk. Or perhaps, we can not take risks. Though I need to do an indepth research to check the hypothesis, yet let me take television content and share a few observations.

The media is abound by the view that reality shows are the next big revolution on Indian television. How I interpret this view is that there will be another revolution in official plagiarism of foreign reality programming content. And believe me, thats what is happening! Look at the most recent much talked about serial on Sony Television - Big Boss.

Big Boss is one such copied programming content adapted to suit the Indian consumers. Technically it is not copied because Endemol India is producing it in India. (The original programme, Big Brother was produced by Endemol - a Dutch production company.) It is an adaptation, nonetheless. What is even worse is that Big Boss is very clearly a scripted programming enacted by television celebrities. Reality programming by essense is something which is not scripted and involves common people.

Why is Big Boss scripted? Why do we have television celebrities enacting Big Boss? From all the page 3 phenomenon and the successes that the media got, it was the safest bet to get in a bit of security by getting in celebrities. And celebrities can manage to act, making it simpler to plan the reality show. Isnt it very logical and safe thinking to reduce the chance of failing?

Is the Sony programming team playing safe? Are they scared of failing? Are they simply risk averse?

The next question is that "Is this typical to the Sony programming team?" To my opinion, it is not. Bollywood is such a mature industry. Even there, most of the productions are copied and inspired by successful previous productions.

We Indians are risk averse. We cannot take risks. It is definitely a thought to ponder upon.

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  1. we cannot take risk, true may be coz we already have too much at stake, financial, social et al. Risk comes from security(or a feeling of it) which is almost imperceptible.


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