Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Death Penalty can kill, even you.

I was a bit disturbed after reading this Indian Express article on our NSA Mr. Ajit Doval's lecture where he defended the 'Death Penalty'. I had tweeted a few of my observations which I want to share in my blog as well.

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Mr. Ajit Doval, who decides what is in the larger interest of the nation. You may have killed rightfully, the right person, but 1/n

Mr. Ajit Doval, somebody else may misuse death penalty to kill enemies. If the penalty didn't exist, Bhagat Singh would have been alive. 2/n

Mr Ajit Doval, if the penalty wasn't there, the prisoners of sepoy mutiny would have survived. They were bombed by canons in an enclosure 3/n

Mr Ajit Doval, Bhagawat Geeta refers to killing in the battle field. wasn't condemning the killings in Gurdaspur or Myanmar 4/n

Mr Ajit Doval, since you spoke of scriptures, no scripture mentions about 'unjustified tolerance'. You did. In fact tolerance makes us human 5/n

Mr Ajit Doval, anything an American President says is not necessarily right. We are the keepers of our own conscience. 6/n

Mr Ajit Doval is trained in security. They are brainwashed to have no feelings about killing an enemy, if he is told who is the enemy. 7/7

NSA Ajit Doval, death penalty has no religion and no parties. It can come to every religion and every party depending on who is in power.

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Thank you.

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