Saturday, February 07, 2015

Hopeful Thinking..

After independence, India has being shaped by politics and the power it yields.. yet, the most popular sentence about politics is 'Politics is the last resort of scoundrels'. This paradox, or irony is the reason why our standard of living in India is so pathetic, discriminatory, corrupt and hopeless.

AAP is a flicker of hope that might finally make the latter meaningless to an extent. Finally perhaps, good educated efficient simple people would join politics to serve the nation without the perks and addiction of power. It will be surely be very tough.

But there is a hope. With the kind of human resource that makes India, natural resources that builds India, and intellectual resource that ornates India, I can say with certainty that if politics become selfless, educated, benevolent and rewarding for goodness, India will be the best place to live our lives in this entire universe.


  1. I would strongly advice you to not get carried away by AAP. Their ideas might sound good on paper but India doesnt need a socialist ideology anymore. Nations have crumbled withthat ideology.
    What we really need is creating pride in having earned our own bread, rather than living on free doles.
    We need a govt who creates employment by creating viable and transparent environment for conducting business and encourages enterpreneurship.
    Not a govt who will give free doles to so called underprivileged and burden already overburdened working class.

    1. I agree with you that we need to create employment. I have co-founded a new party now. Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Please like us


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