Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why to vote for the Aam Aadmi Party? (It is not about their election promises!)

We as responsible Indians residing in Delhi must vote for the Aam Aadmi Party. Mind you, this is not AAPtard speak. I would like appeal to our collective intelligence to think about the following points and then decide to place their vote of confidence on the 'broom'.

  1. A Government is in power till it enjoys the vote of confidence in the Assembly. Even if AAP forms a majority Government, they will be in the Government only for 5 years. If they do not perform selflessly, do not stay honest, do not act efficiently, do not keep their promises, we can force them out of power.
  2. We have to all agree that AAP started as a one-of-a-kind revolution that brought in the power of the common man; importantly the power of the educated youth. Indian democracy has not seen a mass movement such as 'India Against Corruption' and 'AAP' after Independence. AAP has increased the participation of the common public into the politics of the country. There are views that AAP is no more the AAP with the same ideals, and that it believes in anarchy. Whatever be the case, it was indeed a significant movement and it deserves at least a 5 year period to prove its efficiency and purpose of being in power.
  3. There is a significant public opinion that Arvind Kejriwal should not have resigned in 49 days. The political opponents have taken advantage of the same and terms the act, 'Bhagoda'. I respect that opinion. AAP respects that opinion. However, we have to understand that AAP didn't have majority and the Congress support was based on a weak foundation from the very beginning. Outside support of Congress was destined for failure, as the philosophies of both the parties differ by miles. So I request all those people who are miffed with the resignation to forgive AAP and reconsider their decision. Investing 5 years for AAP is not a very risky proposition.
  4. When Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was the Chief Minister, he made quite a few significant points. One of the points meant (not verbatim) that the Government has enough money to spend on public services, development and welfare. The barrier is 'Niyat' (intent). This is a significant point because our standard of living (happiness) depends critically on effective public expenditures. All previous Governments have not done a satisfactory job in spending public money. It is a commonplace knowledge that corruption eats up most of the public money sanctioned for expenditures. If AAP provides us the essential 'niyat' while spending public money, Delhi has indeed lot to gain in terms of happiness and development.
  5. Similarly it is not correct to assume that the public companies (PSUs) are inherently lose-making. By design all PSU should be profitable although the primary motive is not profits. However, most of the PSUs have become sick units because of political interferences. I have spoken to an employee in one of the Navratnas in Assam, who has categorically told me that applications ('sefarish') for various jobs and other 'help' have increased in the BJP reign. He says, it used to happen earlier as well. Now, the applications with signatures of various BJP MPs are just too many. So, AAP is a party that is completely against such practices. Under AAP, PSUs may just get a new lease of life increasing the welfare and development that these companies were meant to do.
  6. I cannot personally accept that India is bad at sports. We do not deserve so few medals at the Olympics and the Asian Games. We are ranked lower than 100 in football. This is not our destiny. One of the key reasons is simply political interferences and appointment of political people as heads of various sports bodies. AAP is a party that is completely against such political interferences. Arvind Kejriwal has categorically said that sports bodies should be headed by sportspersons of repute. An example to that effect is how All England Open Badminton Champion, Pullela Gopichand has taken India forward in Badminton. 
  7. Lastly, the Aam Aadmi Party is perhaps the only political party in the history of politics, whose core philosophy is honesty and transparency. All political parties have these two ideals in their books, but AAP has it as their primary reason of existence. Miss Kiran Bedi, after accepting the Chief Ministerial candidate of BJP said that her primary agenda is 'Women's Safety' and categorically said that 'Corruption' is way below her priority. So, that makes AAP different and worthy of getting at least 5 years to prove its worth.
Else, we will lose a glimmer of hope for honesty in politics. Else, politics will always be the last resort of scoundrels. Else, we would never know if AAP could have actually made a difference.

We live in a democracy, and AAP must get a chance. We will boot them out if they don't perform. That is also a must.

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