Friday, June 10, 2011

Freedom Of Expression - Quite Difficult to Practice

With the great painter Mr. M.F Hussain's death, there are lot of statements, articles and tweets saying/meaning, "I respect freedom of expression for everyone. Everybody should have the freedom to express oneself". My question is simply, "Is that so simple?"

I always thought that Freedom of Expression is an extremely difficult mindset to have for anybody.
Everyone of us has sensitivities that one cant get over. Some might have it against smoking, Some might have it against Non-veg food, Some might have it against a religion, some might have it against a career choice etc etc and etc.

To practice 'Freedom of Expression' in its true spirit, one has to get over his or her own sensitivities to various billions of expressions.

Also, the definition of expression itself is not too narrow to write a guidelines book. So if we combine the examples of exploitation of freedom for each of us living, it would be more than the number of your blogs and comments combined. It can range from the trivial such as 'putting your feet up on the table while watching TV (which many men do and wives don't like)' to a 'semi-nude Saraswati with her beautiful red bindi'.

I loved the painting. My sentiments were not hurt. But does that mean I respect freedom of expression. I am not too sure. Although my intent is to try to respect as much as I can.

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