Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The smart alternative to Shallow Political Activism

This is in continuation of Shallow Political Activism - Part I.. an effort to highlight the myopic political activism of the MNS and the Sena in Mumbai.

Instead I always believed that the smallest of developmental initiatives goes a long way towards building public faith.

Lets take the Maharashtra cabinet's decision to give new taxi permits to only those persons who are well versed in Marathi and have resided in the state for at least 15 years. Would it really help the Marathi Manoos? If it does, at what cost?

My proposition is that there are easier ways to get Marathi Manoos engaged in the taxi driving business. MNS or SENA just needs to gives this responsibility to a shrewd Marathi businessman to start a taxi business only for Marathi youths. The money has to be organised by the MNS and Sena, which is no big deal looking at all their foreign SUVs.

This will even do wonders for the Party because word will spread about the positive initiative to engage youths. And the youths will actually earn money for real and get busy from being idle.

This brings me to this idea of political parties having a defined cell for development initiatives. The guys (leaders) who are good for speeches and politics should concentrate on speeches and politics. The guys in the development cell should work at the grass root level in various possible initiatives to uplift the common man.

Businesses can be started. Schools/colleges can be opened. NGOs can be formed.

Ironically, MNS was distributing 50000 Marathi alphabet books to all the North Indian Taxi drivers.

Why cant we think positive?

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  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    But all they seem to want to do is manipulate sentiments and get votes, all this effort might solve some problems - who would vote for them then?


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