Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Addiction - Jennifer Connelly

Its been a long time that I could manage my time and write my thoughts down on to this beautiful human invention – blogs. You know what brought me here after so long an inertia. You know who could just not let me sit on my ass doing anything but write about her.

Jennifer Lynn Connelly – born: 12th December 1970 – immortal
A cat in whichever movie she acts and amazingly she stays in Catskill Mountains, New York.

I first noticed her only recently when I saw “Requeim For a Dream” on one of the movie channels. How could I not see her before. She has been in this world 6 years more than I have been.

RFD is a tale about the haunting lives of drug addicts and the subsequent process of decadence and destruction and is a must watch for people who loves drugs and its affect on movies. Yes there are people who get a hard on watching girls and boys tripping on drugs.

Jokes apart, it was a mind blowing performance for Jenniffer Connelly and she stole my mind (and heart but not so much as my mind). She also managed to steal a Spirit Award Nomination.

It was a fixation for me but then I thought there are so many other good (and good looking) actresses. Sharon Stone, Madhuri Dixit, Mallika Sherawat (!!?).. etc. Then one day “Blood Diamond” happened. Leonardo was brilliant but Jennifer Connelly struck me again. She IS good.

Immediately after Blood Diamond, another diamond of a movie came by me – A Beautiful Mind. I almost cried in the movie. Russel Crowe was brilliant as usual but Jennifer Connelly was brilliant too. I found that she is not only a good actress but she also selects great scripts, great directors and great movies. I was hooked.

I started hunting in the world wide web for the names of all the movies she has done till date. First movie I discovered was “Reservation Road”. I was startled. I remember watching this movie. How did I miss her and then I realised I cant remember the storyline. I was relieved. How could I remember Jennifer and the role she played if I cant retrieve anything about the movie?

I bought the DVD – Reservation Road. And watched it again as soon as I got back home. It was 11 PM and a Sunday, which means I had office the next day. Not giving heed to the monday, I watched the movie. As soon as the movie started, I recollected the storyline of the movie. And I could give full attention to Jennifer Connelly. Her emoting skills, Her beauty and everything about her. She was mind blowing. I was addicted to Jennifer Connelly.
I have drawn out a list of movies to watch in the next couple of days to come. This blog is for people who have not discovered Jennifer Connelly till now and for people who considers her as just another hollywood hottie. Watch her movies. All of them are above average and she is just great.

Few of the movies where I intend to devour Jennifer Connelly to avoid withdrawal symptoms:
Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
Phenomena (1985)
Labyrinth (1986)
Some Girls (1988)
Étoile (1988)
The Hot Spot (1990)
The Rocketeer (1991)
Career Opportunities (1991)
Mulholland Falls (1996)
Inventing the Abbotts (1997).
Dark City (1998)
Waking the Dead (2000)
Hulk (2003)

Hope to see you soon with some more writing ...

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