Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shit! Katrina is my favourite too !!

Isn't she beautifulSo She is my new favourite bollywood heroine - the beautiful Katrina Kaif. And I find it that she has managed to win hearts across the board. During my many discussions about bollywood during office hours and off it, Katrina seems to have a positive impression among both genders and all age group.
She is not an Indian by birthplace. Her mom is a caucasian. Her dad is a Britisher, who was a Kashmiri. She can hardly speak Hindi or for that matter any other Indian language. Not so sure about Kashmiri. But my guess would be that she cannot manage Kashmiri either.
Above all that, she cant even act too well.. ya, she is improving every movie.. thats what every other movie critique says.

Everything notwithstanding, the fact is that she is popular and getting more popular day by day.
I hate the kind of movies she is making. All of them are too commercial and therefore nonsense and non art. But I watched 4 of them. I even went racing against time to watch RACE.
Let me tell you that it is not at all easy to find a way into my crazily choosy, expert in flaw finding, 'devil is in the detail' mindset.
What is Katrina that others aren't?
Firstly, irrespective of her origin and her language capabilities, she looks extremely Indian. She has that shy, innocent look that a stereotyped Indian woman is expected to have. Indian men prefers that look. Indian women does not envy that look that much. She is Smart but very Indian lookingEven in a western outfit, she looks Indian enough to carry off a bindi along with the dress. Indian men prefers that. Indian women takes it in awe.
Secondly, she seems to have the tendency to put on weight - very familiar to the Indian male as he would expect the same in a stereotyped Indian housewife. Indian women feels part of the same phenomenon.
When she was a model in UK, she was skiny and as fate would have it, she put on weight by the time she became popular on the big screen. That probably surely is clicking.
She looks sexy in a very Indian wayIts not a secret that Indian male fantasy revolves around bigger breast - boobs as we fondly call (biting the lower lip to give the full meaning out). You need to be well-endowed to look sexy and she(Katrina) is ravishingly well-endowed, as one of my dear friend would say (biting his lower lip).
There may be a few other well-endowed actresses but Katrina is different. You dont see her in vulgar, craving for sex kind of clothes and postures. That makes Katrina even more attractive.
Thirdly, behind her innocent veil she does not come across as kiddish and childish. She has been handling her (I would tend to say difficult) relationship with Salman Khan with great maturity. I have seen the media mess that was there when Sangita Bijlani and Somy Ali were linked to Salman Khan.
Not to forget that she has been paired with Akshay Kumar, not Salman Khan, as one of the most good looking couple on screen. Her biggest hits have come with Akshay Kumar. Even then she has hardly been on the news for the bad embarassing reasons. That speaks a lot.
So, Katrina Kaif is my current flame. She has the innocent expressive face, hour glass figure and drop dead gorgeous looks. And above all, it seems she is not easily intimidated by the glamour world, by her fame, by her relationships and by her being so very beautiful.
Enclosed are a few links if you want to see more of my favourite Katrina Kaif.


  1. Katrina is my favorite too. She proved she can do non-glamorous roles by doing Rajneeti.

  2. Ya thats right. Thanks for the comment.


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