Sunday, October 29, 2006

ICC Championship: Indian-Australia: what a convincing loss

Is it the team selection or again the same attitude problem that grips Indian sports, whether it is cricket or hockey.

Thank heavens that no new countries are taking into cricket! Else Indian cricket would have had the same fate as that of Indian Hockey.

The first few overs reminded me of Sanjay Manjrekar's article about Sachin Tendulkar. The article seemed so true to me. Tendulkar definitely has a attitude and confidence problem with the better bowlers. Is he really afraid of another surgery? Tendulkar's wicket might be a great joy for the Australian bowlers but for me it was something that was very soon expected going by the master batsman's approach to the game today.

Next came Dinesh Mongia. I frankly do not know his credits that made him to the team but whatever game I have seen of him, I think there are better batsman for this job in India. It is definitely a selection problem. Parthiv Patel is definitely a better batsman with a better temperament to play pressure games. I can never understand why is he not in the team inspite of his great batting showmanships in the challenger series and previous to that in Australia against the Australians as a opener.

Is the selection process straight-jacketing him as a wicket keeper? Are we ignoring a great batting talent just because he happens to be a wicket keeper and Dhoni is playing his best as a wicket keeper batsman? Rahul Dravid was a wicket keeper too but he came to the team as a batsman and it is for all of us to see what he has contributed to the Indian team.

We had wasted too much time by the time Mongia departed. Kaif was under the pressure of too many failures. What can we expect? We played a very mediocre innings. Whats worrying is the lack of the fighting spirit, the lack of a positive approach to every ball.

Only Sehwag and Dravid showed that positive outlook. Here the coincidence is that Manjrekar was the comentator. He very rightly said during the game when Sehwag and Tendulkar were batting that Sehwag do not bring baggages to the field. He plays his normal game even when he is not been performing lately. Every game is a completely new game for him. And he approaches each new game with the same positive outlook. It somehow seemed to me that Manjrekar was actually talking about Tendulkar and was reminiscing about the truth of his article a month back.

The key to any sport as always is the winning spirit and this takes me back to the Ganguly era... He could somehow bring out the fighting spirit of players like Yuvraj, Kaif, Harbhajan and Irfan Pathan. Look at how they are languishing at the present. They have talent and so they would surely shine once in a while but look at the trend... I dont see the fighting spirit that they had. No way I am suggesting Ganguly should be back.

I really dont have the answers.... and would really want everyone to think that they dont have the answers and so everone should try to discover new answers.

Lets all find the answer. I am sure it wont be difficult. And this answer would lift Indian sports and not only Indian Cricket.


  1. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Well dude welcome to blogging...I have sort of mixed feelings about the loss myself..Its not about Ganguly-Dravid, it is something more fundamental we need..Frankly whatever said and done, our bowlers lost the plot on Sunday, and the only remedy is to expose our youngsters to more pressure-prone games in the domestic arena

  2. Thanks man. Today I realise that perhaps yours was my first comment. Hope you read this. Please tell if you read.


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