Friday, February 03, 2012

We Parents!

We are at a annual day function itching to take pictures of the beautiful performances. But quite a lot of parents are clicking pictures left, right, centre, top and bottom.

What would they say when their kids would find out that they took photographs?

Yesterday, Ruhi was very specific reading the circular given to her by her school. Dont click photographs, she said. She knows me to be the passionate photographer and her mom to be trigger happy on her iphone. So she was more particular with her instructions.

I am sure every kid knows that photography and videography are not allowed in this annual day function.

But we parents rarely are examples to our kids. Who cares?


  1. The question is what do we want to teach our kids? To follow the rules? Even when they make no sense? In today's world, what does it mean, "don't click pictures"? Because it is a secret? Because pictures rob a little bit of your soul and decrease your life-span?

    I can understand rules that say, don't use flash it will distract, don't stand in front and block others' view, but not take pictures?

    But it is small matter. The real issue is what kind of future citizens our children will be? Those who obey rules or those who question?

  2. Hi Mr. Sunil,

    Thank you for your incisive comment. I would say that we should question in the right ernest, attitude and way. It is for the parents to question the circular by asking for an appointment prior to the annual day. And trying to change the circular.

    What I saw was clear carelessness, and disobedience. The rule is made by the school for their own event. And they have the freedom to do so. If we attend the event, we have to go by the event rules.

    The kids need to know that their parents have found an issue with the rule and have rightfully approached the school management/principal to reconsider the rule. Then thats okay.

  3. But what do you want when your child takes part in any event, just another photo op or to develop their self confidence for future and most importantly have fun. Parents clicking pictures, making a fuss definitely distracts kids and takes away from the idea of enjoying and admiring their performances. Just my two cents. :)


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