Thursday, September 30, 2010

Taking a pause.. in the journey of life.

I am becoming 35 next year..and really dont know if I would live till 70 with all the voluntary and involuntary pollution that I subject my body to. Half my life is almost about to be over.

Isnt it quite a milestone? Time has come in life when time is suddenly appearing to be short in supply. Every day that I would wake up, live through and sleep off, would become that much costlier. And the cost of every passing day would only grow exponentially.

Does it mean that I need to do everything faster and accomplish more things within a day? No, of course not. Thats would be crazy. But it surely means that I cant afford to let go of days frivolously as I have been living till date. It simply means that I need to pause and rethink about living the remaining half of my life.

I may either decide to live the same way, or decide to change it. The most important thing I felt that I should definitely take a pause. Time is now to really dig deep and do things that will make me smile, proud and happy... and unrepentent."

I am smiling, proud, happy and unrepentent about the 34 years that I have lived, but  at 34 years, I dont have the same plans and ambitions that I have had when I was 17/18 years old? The variables of life have changed. My interests, passion, aptitude, strengths and weaknesses are more clear to me. I have a larger arsenal of knowledge and experience.

The decision or direction that I decide to take is not important in this public forum. Its more about the means and the significance of a pause in living life. Its difficult especially in a fast paced fuzzy life of Mumbai, but if you want the most out of your life, you have to take a pause, rethink, and re-prioritise.

Clearly and expectedly perhaps for me, time is to change how I live my time.


  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    just do it:)

  2. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Jus happen to bump into your blog while surfing the internet..could really relate to it as will turn 30 next year...something I spend most of my time think about these days...same feelings, same thoughts...:)..nice keep writing!!

  3. Just do what? I just do things that instincts tell me.. pause was one of them and it was fulfilling. @anonymous no 1

    Madhushree, thanks for your comments. Would surely keep writing and expect your comments.. take care.


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