Saturday, August 29, 2009

'Just do it' - One Random Thought !

The famous Nike campaign was really a good consumer insight that pulled in brain wave towards the brand. Among its many manifestation, I see two meanings thats prevalent - carving out of two consumer behaviour types: 'thinkers' and 'doers'

As we know, these are two sets of broad behaviour patterns that we see among us. One, who is a quality stickler and hence takes time thinking to execute any particular activity. He misses timelines but (tries to) delivers quality by putting attention to detail... The other who likes executing activities faster without much pendulum. There is always a second chance to improve, is perhaps the thought. Finishing is the priority for them.

'Just Do It' in my mind manifests into different meanings for these two kinds of people. The quality stickler says 'Just Do It... enough of masterbation'. Deadline is well past, shit. The finisher says 'Just Do It... get over it and start the next in line tomorrow. I am done for the day. Beer.. yeah!!'

Creativity as a profession, I feel, should fall into the laps of the former kinds. However, as it is with the world, everthing is in a equillibrium.

So creativity is also practiced by the second variety. They are good at it. Prolific. Fast. Money spinners. Quality.... never mind. There is a second chance!! With 'Son of the soil Vs Son of a gun' hoardings all over Mumbai city and '100% de dhana dhan' full page spread in DNA, it gets really depressing. And funny.

Creativity is in the wrong hands. Money is also in those wrong hands. People without any creative aptitude but with the right 'just do it' attitude is clearly polluting out-of-the-box lateral thinking. I want to curse them saying, "May they go to hell called empty houses...

But life is about variety. Accepting and ignoring variety is the rule. Evolve and lead your own life and just do your own thing. Be happy.

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