Saturday, July 04, 2009

Homo-sexuality - isnt it like insanity?

I have no strong negative emotion against homo-sexuality. In fact I have been very close to such behaviour, as I have studied in an all boys school from pre-puberty to adulthood. And we hear of so many rumours.. et al
However, I certainly think that it is an anomaly.

If the celina jaetlys of the world professes that homo-sexuality is natural, it simply means to me that like insanity, homo-sexuality is also natural. So do we allow insanes to roam around freely on our roads performing insanity.

As for freedom of expression goes, yes everyone should have the freedom of expressing oneself. It is not a crime like insanity is not.

Having said that,
we should not encourage homo-sexuality and more so encourage breeding of homosexual behaviour. It is not is not according to the fundamentals of human civilization.

Just to take an analogy, yesterday I saw an unfortunate gentleman nude below his torso. He seems well behaved and normal otherwise. Perhaps he is a peace loving, not harmful to society and a normal person who has just lost his sense of shame to hide his genitals.

So if we imagine that this kind of insanity spreads wide into our lives and becomes prevalent, would we allow activism to start to allow them to roam around freely on our roads? Would you encourage them to show their genitals in public?

We need to councel them, take care of them and bring them to the normal decency of life. Same goes for homo-sexuality.

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