Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mr. Bhansali, you fooled us !!

So what if Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali could fool me into watching his utter nonsense movie - Sawariyan, he even fooled the great Anil Kapoor, he even fooled the whole Randhir Kapoor khandan... !!

Last Saturday, I took another impulse decision and it was another bad decision. I bought 4 tickets for Sawariyan at IMAX Dome. About the movie, the lesser said is the better. There was no story that we could connect to. There was no thrill, no emotion, no intrigue, no excitement, no comedy.... the movie had absolutely nothing for the audience to connect with.

The worst part was the artificial setting of the movie. You dont get an idea about when the story took place, where the story took place... you just cant relate to the setting of the movie, the people, the culture, the society, the houses, the dress code... nothing... you cant relate to the movie.. period. The buildings and the roads were looking so artificial that you can make out that they are made of thick clothes. In one of the scenes, Ranbir Kapoor writes Sonam Kapoor's screen name - Shakina on one of the walls and I couldnot believe my eyes, the wall was shaking with his penstrokes - hence making it obvious that the wall was made out of canvas.

I am still okay... I had wasted just Rs. 800. I was thinking about all the hopes that Anil Kapoor had for his daughter Sonam Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor had for his son Ranbir Kapoor from Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Did Anil Kapoor or Randhir Kapoor read the script and screen play? I dont know. Let me assume, they may not have. But Sony Pictures must have read the script. They are the Hollywood biggies and have the experience to wean out the grass from the weeds. How could Mr. Bhansali even fool them.

This is not to Mr. Bhansali's credit. He deserves no credit. This is a sham called 'Play Safe; Take No Risk' mentality working. Sony Pictures, Anil Kapoor and Randhir Kapoor were all launching their products to the Indian market.

It was a high risk game. So why take risk? Go with a formula which has worked before. Who can be a better bet than the director of much aclaimed 'Black'? And then they became blind and black. They forgot their basics and experience. Couldnot see the disaster called Sawariyan coming their way to crash all their dreams and hopes.

Shit, ultimately I had to bear the brunt of their shortsightedness and the whims and ideosyncracies of a fool called Mr. Bhansali.

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